Monday, 5 May 2014

Qvaint: Satan For The House Proud - Development

My FMP this year is to create a collection of crockery aimed at fans of Black and Doom Metal. As the majority of homeware tends to be directed towards a female demagraphic, I wanted my products to also appeal to the female sector of the Extreme Metal scene, which has grown signficantly in recent years. Added to the aformentioned target audience, I believe my products would also appeal to younger females involved in other counter cultures, as occult and Satanic imagery has been on trend for the past year or so, with clothing brands such as Killstar and Black Craft.

My initial sketches were of St Peter's cross and other symbols associated with Satan and found within Black Metal artwork and imagery. I filled them with cutesy patterns or crosshatching and experimented with different colours, which could give these "evil" symbols a feminine or approachable edge.

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