Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Steve Buscemi (Seymour) Portrait

Here are the finished images. The above is literally just a cropped version of the drawing and the bottom has a simple and nice pink background that I'm enjoying a little too much.
I'm really really pleased with the results. It's made me believe in myself that I can draw as well as I want to and that I can still create realistic portraits.

Steve Buscemi (Seymour) Portrait PS Experimentation Screenshots

After finishing my drawing and scanning it in I decided to edit it on PS. My grasp of digital art as an Illustrator is still ridiculously limited so I just experimented with dropping in different textures to use as a background. Although I liked the effect, I found them too fussy for this particular project but I intend to make use of textures more often in my work as I love them.

Steve Buscemi (Seymour) Portrait Progress Shot

After watching Ghost World for the first time a few weeks and developing an obsession with it (in particular with the character Seymour), I decided to draw a portrait of Steve Buscemi's character.
I tend to keep to a strictly stylised simplified style these days and I wanted to see if I am still capable of the realistic portraits I loved creating when younger. Above are photos I took at different points of progress and you can see how it has progressed from a crude pencil drawing to a more stylised and detailed fine liner one.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Body Positive Images

It's become quite a trend to encourage body positivity recently, which is wonderful. However, I've noticed on many online blogs, tumblr in particular, overweight people seem to be the main ones who use body positivity as almost a way of having a dig at naturally skinny women with no curves and to try put across that they are more attractive. 
Obviously this is not the case all of the time, but I feel it is important that body positivity addresses other issues that occur with women's appearance that are deemed "ugly" or "repulsive" in women by society. Far more so than weight, anyway. The three issues I have dealt with here are "asymetric breasts", "large labia minora" and "body and facial hair". If these are a success
Normally I avoid social issues or personal thoughts in my own work, as I like to entertain and make people laugh with my drawings and leave any deep thoughts in the back of my head (hence my venture into the Illustration world, not the Fine Art one). However, I think it's about time that I deal with something that is personal to me and probably to a lot of other women out there (more so than will admit).
Be proud of who you are.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Purrple Haze

Here are some images from the short comic I just created about a cat who starts to have psychedellic visions after enjoying some catnip. This was an interesting brief and the first comic I've done for a long time. I wish I'd had chance to use more colour and texture and spend more time on the psychedellic scenes. 

I plan to make copies of these in paper form and sell them so give me a heads up if you're interested. I want to make a full colour run and then i plan to make a black and white run which i'll sell at a cheaper rate.