Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Doodle Tables at The Zetland

Last thursday I went to The Zetland pub with my classmates to try out their new doodle tables. Once a month the pub puts on a night where the tables are covered in paper and marker pens are put out, allowing the customers to doodle whatever they please whilst having a drink and a chat.

Here are some of the doodles we produced : -

Drawings by Matthew Raisbeck, Toni Morris, Melissa Rose and I.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Horrific Minge WIP

Currently working on something really horrific and crude. Here are some images of my progress so far.

Huddersfield - Year 2 - Character Designs

For this brief I looked back to the portrait of Lord Vulpes Vulpes I had created over Summer and decided to create a set of Character designs for him.
Below is some of the sketchbook development work and some terrible rushed photographs of the design sheets I made before handing them in for marking. When I get them back I promise to do some good quality scans which do the paintings justice.

Huddersfield - Year 2 - Editorial

The first brief we were given on the course. I hope to get a better scan of it at some point.

Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester

Crossing Streams

Sometimes I Like To Make An Effort

Rickles In Fancy Dress

Diseased Maggotectomy - Pointless Shit Newcastle Grind

Self Portrait 2012


Mystic Mog

Doom Kitty

Lord Vulpes Vulpes

King Pug

Masonic Cat

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Bethany Grace


My illustration of Behemoth, my favourite character from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. The images include the original illustration, the Illustrator image and the tattoo of it I had done at Noir Bizarre by Bon

I Love Cats. I Love Every Kind of Cat

Hull College SU Mural

The above pictures shows my contribution to the SU building's mural. The bottom picture shows my work surrounded by the other pieces. The other images were made by other members of the Illustration group at Hull School of Art and Design, including Dani Ward, Ashlee Grace Hardman, Daisy Beach, Tom Hardwick, Jonjo O'Conner, Rosie Connel and Lauren Spencer. The bottom photo was taken by Tom Hardwick.

Good Morning Andy

Hull - Year 2 - Competitions - Mastodon

Hull - Year 2 - Competitions - Thievery Corporation

Sutton Hoo